‘A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest’ ― C.S. Lewis

This is a blog for grown-ups who read children’s books. I rarely read fiction for adults because children’s and YA literature is, quite simply, far superior. I find this to be true on many levels, but primarily because children’s literature is so much more hopeful and positive than adult writing. Good fiction for children succeeds, in my experience, in saying ‘this is what’s wrong with the world, and this is how we can fix it’. Grown-ups need more books like this. We shouldn’t stop dreaming of a better world just because we’re grown-up.

At it’s heart, this is simply a collection of children’s and YA books that I have enjoyed. I write short articles about each one, intended to be somewhere between a review and a reflection (but doing my best to avoid spoilers!) Hopefully this will either inspire you to start reading children’s books again, or guide you to more that you might enjoy.

Happy reading!

Flossie x